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Blessed Virgin Mary's Birthday September 8, 2014

8 Jun 2005 - September 8, 1997 Blessed Virgin Mary's Birthday
It seems extraordinary; I cannot forget it.
The memory not only does not fade but it gets stronger with the passage of time.
Strange things happen in this world. I don't pretend to understand them, but I put them down in case other people have had such experiences and want to know they're not alone.
I offer this story with joy, with hope in gratitude for what I want to share. I offer it as a hymn of praise~ to living life alive.
The only time sense we have, our chronology, lies in our ability to receive, and that is partly a matter of our openness, which is to say our trust.
It was The Blessed Virgin MARY's Birthday
September 8, 1997. I don't know why it took me seven years to let everybody knows about the greatest miracle that happened to me inside the Church of St. Mary at Escondido California.
I used to live in this house 733 North Hickory St.
Escondido, California. 
When I went to Church early that morning, the Filipino priest said that there will be a special Mass in the afternoon for the celebration of HER Birthday.
That morning, I noticed that a lot of people~especially the Mexican offered a lot of flowers infront of the Altar~a picture of St. Guadalupe.The Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the right side facing the Church had only two bouquet of flower vase that was offered. I was in tears when I saw it and I thought that how come they offered more flowers in the Altar of St. Guadalupe instead of the Statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary., and how come the picture of St Guadalupe was in the center of the Altar instead of the Statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Way back then, I was so ignorant and innocent. I really didn't know that The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Guadalupe are one~they're the same.
On my way home I promised myself that I will offer a bouquet of roses to The Blessed Virgin Mary. The Spirit within me said that I should get a Holly plant and mixed it with the roses that I will going to offer. I went to Ralp Grocery Store and bought a bouquet of white roses. I loved going to Ralph Grocery Store because its the only grocery store that sells candles with a picture of different Saints on it.
I used to buy them all and put them all in my room when I pray. 
When I came home I thought that where will I get the Holly plant that the Spirit were asking me. All of a sudden somebody just came knocking at my door. When I open the door this Mexican guy was asking me if he can get some branches of my tree in the back of my house. He said and named the tree in Spanish and I asked him why he need that for? He said that he will going to offer it in the Altar of St. Guadalupe inside the St. Mary's Church. I asked him how he called it in English? And he named it Holly! I was so happy that he answered my question and I didn't even know that I had a Holly tree at the back of my house.
It was a pure joy. Yes it was unspeakable. I cut some of the leaves of my Holly tree and mixed it with my roses. When I went to Church that afternoon I offered it and placed it infront of the Statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary. I waited till all the people went out of the Church. 
Then I kneeled down infront of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Then all of a sudden this two man came out with a ladder and start fixing things infront of the Altar.They were so loud and making noises fixing something in the ceiling.
I waited till they're done and gone. And when they left all of a sudden somebody turned off the lights. The result was a profound darkness. I was so upset and I thought how will I get a chance to read my prayers, there's no light and I forgot my eyeglass.
I kneeled down and I prayed and I asked The Blessed Virgin Mary to give me light so I can read my prayers for HER. My prayer book was so small and it was just the size of my ring finger. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, this ray of light came behind my left shoulder. That long ray of light was like a long rays of tinted sun slicing through the darkness like rays from heaven. It sent new chills through my body. I wanted to look back where it was coming from and the Spirit within me told me to start praying, yet it was in control with my mind.,feeling a renewed sense of awe.
I started reading the 30 Days Prayer TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY IN HONOR OF THE SACRED PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST page 406-415 and A MOST DEVOUT ACT OF CONTRITION page 416-420 The Prayer Book- Key of Heaven-1905.
I thanked GOD, Blessed Virgin MARY, and JESUS CHRIST for giving me that ray of light.
I stand up and looked back at the ceiling and I thought probabaly the sun passed through the window. All the Church windows had been covered and this ensured that there's no way the sun can pass through that window.
I started to walk out at the left side of the church, as I was walking, I looked at the door the wind was blowing so hard inside the Church as if there's a hurricane. The door swung open, a blast of wind hissed into the front Hall and hit me on the face I fell back in bewilderment. My GOD I thought I'm in the land of Oz. I was so scared I can't even get out, and the papers that was infront of the door fell on the floor. I wondered if the intense blow of the wind that rakes through my body or my utter amazement with the significance of what I was now staring at. My heart pounded as I picked up all the papers upside down and when I looked at the papers it was blasphemy againts the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Spirit within me told me to take it all. When I reached home I throwed it all away and burned it.
Everytime I go to different Churches I always read the pamplets or flyers they're giving away. If its good I read and keep it, if its bad I always take it all and throw it all away.
The HOLY SPIRIT change the course of my life who is the very reason for my being.
Yes it was full of glory. It transformed my spiritual life.
This wonderful moment, deserves commemoration because it marks the beginning in this world of a life precious to GOD for many reasons especially Her extraordinary faith.
We have received, not the Spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from GOD, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by GOD.
1 Corr.2:12
I would just like to share this with all of you today on the very Special day of The Blessed Virgin MARY.
The Church claims as the sole vessel through which man could understand GOD.
I hope and pray that someday the POWER OF GOD shall UNITE US ALL!


Everyday is a Gift.

Mans greatest power lies in the power of prayer.Our attitude shape our future. This is a universal law. The law states that we translate into physical reality the thoughts and attitude we hold in our minds no matter what they are. Loving people and serving them is the greatest value in life.


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